Praise for

“The book you can’t do without … all the information you need, in no-nonsense language.”

Rapaport Diamond Report

“To answer critical buying questions, it takes an author who has been immersed in the jewelry business, has seen the full range of material, and is able to share those experiences in a thorough yet easy-to-read manner. Antoinette Matlins has managed to do just that with her Colored Gemstones and Diamonds buying guides.”

                        Gems & Gemology

“All the information you need to buy, collect, sell or simply enjoy diamonds … written by ‘insider’ Antoinette Matlins. Practical, comprehensive and easy to understand, this book offers in depth all the information you need to buy sparkling diamonds with confidence.”

Antwerp Facets Diamond High Council

 “Restores the magic! [Will] entertain and enlighten all its readers and save some from heart-break. Recommended reading.”

                         Paul Harvey, Paul Harvey News

“Almost every newly-engaged couple is eager to know as much as possible about their once-in-a-lifetime purchase … the diamond engagement ring … take(s) the guesswork out of this important decision … be able to obtain the best value for your money.”                             

Modern Bride

“An appropriate book for the uninformed public, but more than that, it is a good reference book for jewelers and their staffs, gem collectors, students of gemology, travelers, teachers, and even those who know gemology but want a state-of-the art review.”

Lapidary Journal

“The information needed for investing and purchasing gems of all types. Highly recommended.”

                        Library Journal

“The unofficial bible for the gem investor.”

 —The Robb Report

“We have seen no work more practical and accurate than [this book] … the investor, or engagement ring buyer, who follows the dictates … which are well explained and illustrated, will surely avoid being burned … the best of its kind and likely to be of enormous value to anyone.”

Frederick H. Pough, PhD, former Curator of Gems and Minerals, American Museum of Natural History, N.Y.C.

“A book designed to build trust between jewelry retailers and consumers.”

National Jeweler

“Most certainly achieves its aim of helping consumers buy gems and jewelry with confidence and knowledge … highly recommended.”

Asian Jewelry

“Includes all kinds of fun facts to know and tell … an essential resource for the gem buyer.”

Art & Antiques

“This is not only a useful book for the consumer, but it’s also useful for jewelers to keep on hand as a sales training tool. Plainly put, it’s the best ‘how to buy a diamond’ book currently on the market.”

The Diamond Registry Bulletin  

“Well-explained and illustrated…the best of its kinds and likely to be of enormous value to anyone.”

Frederick H. Pough, Ph.D., former Curator, Gems & Minerals,  American Museum of Natural History, New York City

“At last, a book that details the process of buying a wedding ring….A valuable acquisition.”

American Library Journal’s Booklist