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Lead-Glass Filled Ruby: A Case Study in Misrepresentation and Deception

Diamond Investment Offers Unique Opportunities And Unique Risks!

Investors Beware! Surface-Treated Diamonds Increase Risk For Those Who Can’t Spot Them

7 Tips for Buying an Engagement Ring

Hiddenite, North Carolina: A New Source for Gem-Quality Emeralds

North Carolina Emerald—Gem or Joke?

Clarity Grades on Diamond Grading Reports Occassionally Misleading

World’s Largest Diamond Ring—Only $68,000,000!

The Importance of Legitimate Gemological Appraisals

Why Treated Gems Are Acceptable and Non-Disclosure is NOT

Matlins’ Ruby Exposé on ABC Confirmed by GIA: Lead-Glass Rubies Now Categorized as Manufactured, Artificial Product

Couple Unearths $21,000 Diamond at Arkansas Park

Failure of 57,000 Carat “Emerald” To Sell Is No Surprise ...
But Arrest of Owner IS!

Strengthening Diamond Prices Lead To Increase in Demand …
And To Costly Mistakes Made by Consumers

Ruby: Red Alert for Bench Jewelers!
Originally published on Rio Grande blog

Valentine's Day Threat—Composite Rubies May Break Her Heart!

Cultured Pearls Offer A Palette of Choices

Las Vegas International Jewelry Show Highlights: Innovative Design and "Rubies" That Are Not!

How to Select a Reputable Jeweler

How to Find a Reliable Appraiser

Composite Ruby Identification

Military Personnel Become Victims of Unscrupulous Ruby Dealers

Buying Jewelry at Auction—Caveat Emptor—and Other Musings from an Expert

Caring for Your Engagement and Wedding Rings

Keeping the Sparkle in Gems and Jewelry Purchase

DIAMONDS What You Don’t Know About Fluorescence Can Be Costly!

Gemstone Treatments—Friend or Foe? Jewellery News Asia

Dangers May Lurk Beneath That Sparkling Gift…

Professional Jeweler Magazine, Sept 2006

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