Antoinette Matlins, PG, FGA

Acquiring Gems and Jewelry

Whether buying as adornment, investment, or to commemorate a special occasion, the acquisition of fine gems and jewelry should be pleasurable and fulfilling.

This unique and very personal service is offered to guide you to greater value, enjoyment, and appreciation when purchasing fine gems and jewelry. You now can make a more intelligent, informed choice with the confidence found only by having an expert working with you, and on your behalf.

Specifically, this service provides:

Consultation on Gem Selection for jewelry use, private collections, or investment.

Search and Acquisition of Gems and Jewelry, antique, period, and new pieces, through a carefully developed international network of dealers and private owners, collectors, and investors.

Evaluation of Gems and Jewelry being offered at auction, by private sellers, or estate liquidations.

Design and Production of Custom Jewelry, selection and supervision of designers and artisans.

Disposing of Gems and Jewelry

Sometimes clients decide to dispose of individual gems, jewelry, or collections. Too often this is a confusing, intimidating, and costly experience.

For fine, unusual, or rare pieces only, this service provides:

Counsel on Selling Alternatives to help you understand the choices and develop realistic expectations of the time required to sell and the selling price you are likely to obtain from each alternative. Based on personal circumstances, you then can make an informed choice from among the alternatives.

Assistance in Actively Marketing Pieces or Collections to increase the yield from a sale, dispose of unusual pieces, and/or reduce the time required to sell major pieces at a reasonable price.

In addition, when circumstances warrant, gems or jewelry pieces may be accepted for sale on a consignment basis.

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All services are rendered on a best efforts basis subject to the firm’s “Terms and Conditions,” a copy of which is provided to each client prior to the start of an assignment.

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